Hosted Buyer is a matchmaking programme for arranging business meetings between the exhibitors and the invited target group of foreign business partners.

The pilot HB programme was carried out during the first edition of the Green Days trade fair, attended by Ukrainian entrepreneurs doing business in the horticultural industry (including the Epicentr network) as well as entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan. In line with the expectations of the clients who attended the first edition, the PWE Department for International Cooperation will arrange purchasing groups from countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The relations established so far with the Foreign Trade Offices and Embassies during the trade fair projects organized at PWE, allow us to win significant players for a given market segment. The HBP opens up key paths for individual partner companies. The PWE Hosted Buyer Programme is not only a network of meetings, but also provides legal and financial consulting as well as reliable information to ensure security of foreign exchange transactions.

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Internet Platform for Individual Meetings

With the modern platform for the presentation of exhibitors on the Green Days website, it will be possible to arrange individual meetings with representatives individual companies at their stand. Each time, the exhibitor will be informed about the meeting by email. In addition, the platform enables a free presentation of the company – by posting photos, videos, texts, or updated information if needed.

B2B Meetings

We are currently working on the timetable of meetings with trade networks – members of the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization, who operate on the Polish market and organize, on a regular or ad hoc  basis, garden arrangement, equipment and garden care zones.

Academy of Business

The focus of the event will be on modern 4.0 technologies entering commercial networks and garden centres. In the zone, we will be working with the world’s major digitization trendsetters. The era of technology, industry and digitization, both in wholesale and retail trade, has already begun – make sure you are not left behind! The proper layout of the store shelf is not enough anymore!
The intention of the organizers is to create a model garden centre of the future, based on the products and technologies from our exhibitors.

Implementation Projects

We aim to confront implementation projects in the gardening sector with the needs of the market, as well as establish commercial relations needed for product commercialization. The success of innovation does not stem simply from having great ideas, but it depends on the interactions between science, business and administration. The perception of innovation is gradually changing – in addition to using ready technologies, more and more companies are thinking about acquiring solutions produced by R&D activity to build their competitive advantage.

High quality and up-to-date content

The trade-related aspects of the projects implemented at PWE are supervised by trade organizations operating in the industry. They set the direction of the event, focusing on the most important issues for the sector. We are pleased to work with the largest and strongest organizations, well established in both national and European structures. The content and business nature of Green Days were highly appreciated already at the first edition by the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Higher Education.

Call Centre Support

Individual projects addressed to a narrow target group will receive the PWE Call Centre support in inviting their guests. It is an innovative service on the trade fair market, provided as a compliment to exhibitors.

Event Marketing

The coverage in both industry magazines and other media – countrywide and local radio, television, and colour magazines,  will bring the project a wide range of consumers and business clients, which will have boost the promotional activities of our clients.
During the fair events at PWE, we always work with the best-known and most popular celebrities in a given industry, whose presence is welcome by visitors and exhibitors, allowing the latter an opportunity to place their products in a celebrity-led show.